Bonafide Beards - Boar Bristle Beard Brush

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Do you own the perfect beard brush?
Brushing with this beautiful Bonafide Beard brush is beneficial for both hair and skin because it:

  • Brushes effortlessly through knots
  • Works the balm through your beard
  • Shapes and tames fly away hair
  • Stimulates and exfoliates the skin

This wooden handle, mixed natural bristle and boar hair (sorry vegans) beard brush will tame your mane and keep your skin healthy.

The bristles are firm enough to brush through any knots without breaking your hair, eliminating damaged, scraggly, coarse hair but are also soft enough to stimulate and exfoliate the skin underneath your beard that is being neglected without causing irritation. This aids in removing dead skin cells and significantly reduces itchy, dry flakey skin.