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News & Reviews

Geekvape Aegis X Kit Review by StompieZA

This Review was done by StompieZA
Facebook: Stompie ZAVape

The Geekvape Aegis X is the latest and first big screen mod released by Geekvape. They call it the “Ultimate Beast” and there is a reason for that…It really is a monster…or should I say BEAST! The device provides 200W of power and a whole bunch of great features with the AS Chip. So take a read, i know its a long one but well worth it!

Item Name : Geekvape Aegis X Kit
Manufacturer: @geekvape
Website: https:
Cost: R1500 

***DISCLAIMER*** This device was supplied to me by @geekvape for the purpose of reviewing the product for them and providing my personal feedback and opinion of this device. I’m not being paid for this review and this review is my own opinion and views.

Like i usually do, i start of with some unboxing pictures of the kit and provide some pictures of the device from different angles, the menus ect.

What’s inside the box you ask?

1 x Aegis X Mod
2 x Super Mesh X1 Coil (1 Pre-installed)
1 x Cerberus Tank – Bubble Glass installed – 5.5ml
1 x Spare Regular glass – 4.0ml
1 x User Manual
1 x USB cable
1 x Spare Parts Pack

Technical specifications are also important, so here they are:

Aegis X Mod

Size: 48.5 x 24 x 80mm
Power Range: 5W-200W
Battery: Dual – 18650 (Sold Here)
Material: Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel & Plastic
Resistance Range: 0.05-3Ohm
Input Voltage: 6.2V-8.4V
Voltage Output: 0.1V-12V
TC Range: 200-600℉/100-315℃

Cerberus Tank

Size: 27mm x 46.8mm
Capacity: 5.5ml Using Bubble Glass)
Coil: Super Mesh X1 Coil KA1 (Best between 60-80W)
Coil Compatibility: TFV8 Baby Coils
Resistance: 0.2ohm
Air Intake: Bottom
Way to Refill: Top, Unscrew
Thread: 510


So, what do I think about this device?

Geekvape outdid themselves with the Aegis X mod and it truly is a beast, I completely agree with them. Once unboxed and holding it in your hand you can feel its tough as nails, but it is a bit heavy once the batteries are inserted. To me the weight is something I will manage to overlook just because this device is so well built and tough!

Power up the vape by pressing the fire button 5 clicks and a little lightning bolt from the Geekvape logo runs from the corners of the screen. The device starts up quick and the display is out of this world. The device offers a 2.4” OLED screen that offers HD quality resolution which I would compare to my cell phone screen and almost runs the length of the device. The screen could have been smaller I guess because running through the menus, none of them have so much info that such a big screen is required to fit everything but alas, I love the screen and its size! Its bright and easy to use outside in day light but also bright enough in dark to almost become a torch! Lol. However, this is Geekvape’s first ever big screen mod and they really did an awesome job!!

Screen : For those that are worried that the might crack, Geekvape has said that the screen is made from a super strong material and I believe them after seeing a video on their facebook where they place one in the road, drive over it with a car and then pick it up, screw a tank and vape without as much as a scratch on the screen.

The menus on the X is easy to use but can be a little tricky to enter if you haven’t read the user manual which I had to. By clicking the fire button 3 times, the device enters the first menu where you can change the main screens modes and customize the modes between TCR, Power, Bypass etc. You are also able to scroll down to the coil and lock the resistance or unlock it. The puff counter can be reset to 000 or back to the previous puff count which I like.

Now to get into the actual menu, after 3 clicks on the fire button hold the up(+) and down(-) buttons in together for 3 seconds and you will enter the menu. Here you can change the themes, Colors, ABB Battery setting (Mod will balance your batteries if unbalanced), Contrast, Check the firmware version or reset the complete mod.

The Main menu once entered by using 3 clicks on the fire button and holding the up and down keys for 3 seconds.

Color Menu to change each themes color

Different background skins, Each of them can change to the same colors.

Firmware Version menu:

Now, while using the device I haven’t really picked up any issues or glitches but do find that the two bottom buttons tend to rattle a little and isn’t as tight as the fire button. The fire button has a nice firm feel to it without any rattle.

IP67 Protection....What is this wizardry? Okay some of you know it,
No more worry if the vape falls in the swimming pool or toilette lol, No more worries that if you drop it, the screen is cracked or the mod doesnt work, No need to worry that it will get dusty on the inside of the screen no more worry...end!


The body of the device is made from 6 different types of material ranging from Zinc Alloy, Rubber, Plastic and some other they don’t mention.

The device basically looks like the Geekvape Legend but now features the big OLED screen on the one side. The familiar zinc or steel plate folding over both sides are now split into half with half of the leather grip remaining in place.

Protection from this BEAST?

Tank, Coil & Flavor:

Being the first time, I use the Cerberus tank, I compared it to the latest ZEUS X Subohm I recently reviewed. I will easily say that the tank almost offers the same type of flavour as the ZEUS X but wouldn’t say 100% the same. The Cerberus tank also still uses the old screw in type coils and hasn’t been updated to the PNP type coils the ZEUS uses which would have been great.

The airflow is bottom fed which provides good quality flavour and makes for a good smooth draw. The airflow ring is easily adjusted and does not whistle while using the tank.

The Coils that are used on this tank are the X1 Super Mesh coils which provides great flavor. I have been using my coil over a week and it seems i might get another week while using it at 65W. The coils provide a good amount of cotton that surrounds the coil which assists with flavor and not getting dry hits.

Colors/designs available:

There are 8 awesome colors to choose from, i personally like the silver, gunmetal and the black.

My Pro's

  • IP67 Dust, Waterproof, Shock resistant - Saw a video of Geekvape driving over one and the screen does not crack and still works 100%. I also took a swim with mine without issue (without getting the tank underwater)
  • AS 2.0 Chipset offering fast response time, precise temp control and provides excellent accuracy and power output.
  • Excellent high-grade materials used…6 different ones to be precise!
  • High Def 2.4” OLED display that is clear and looks great!
  • Great flavour from the Super Mesh X1 coils.
  • The tank and device both look great and is eye catching!
  • Comes with plenty of extras including screen protector
  • Changeable colour plates (Sold separately)
  • Different back grounds and color options.
  • Excellent design, material, and construction….This thing is super solid with ruber, metal, zinc and is properly sealed on every opening!
My Cons's
  • A little on the heavy and big
  • Battery usage seems a little heavy which I think might be due to the screen but still gives a full days vape on 65W (Approx 300 - 350 puffs)
  • Button rattle on the two small buttons, none on the fire button.
  • Should have come with the ZEUS X or Subohm Tank I think (But this is my opinion)
My Verdict?
This truly is a machine, a beast a monster! I can see this vape withstanding anything being thrown at it..figuratively speaking and possibly literately lol. It really looks great but is a little heavy and big and one thing i did not put in the cons because it would be silly is the rubber housing/skin sticks to your denim or pants making it a little difficult to take out or put in your pocket but i can live with that cause its for protection! The device has great features, looks great and i love the screen. The tank offers great flavor but does not have the new PNP type coils but rather uses the old screw in type which they could have changed or just provided a ZEUS X tank with the kit, But that might have made this kit too expensive!

Would I buy one or recommend one?
Do you like the Solo, Love the Legend? Get this its 100 times better! I would seriously consider buying another.
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